Bring certified copies with you, it will save you time

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Have you ever brought an original document (a single copy!) to the Department of Foreigners and had it confiscated by an official on the spot? With our help, this won’t happen to you again. The institutions, in our case especially the Ministry of the Interior, require the original document to be included in the file. To make sure you don’t lose your valuable documents, we can advise you on how to obtain certified copies (“ověřená kopie”).

What is meant by original documents? Let’s take an example. Look at your employment contract. It should bear the signature of a company representative, preferably in blue ink, and ideally also the company’s stamp. We call this version of the document the original; it shows that the information is genuine and therefore valid. 

If you decide to make copies on your own and copy the contract yourself, we will call the finished product a plain copy, which does not carry the same weight as the original. The Ministry of the Interior (Department of Foreigners) will not accept it and other authorities will very likely not accept it either. 

How to ensure that the copy of the document is certified?

We recommend contacting a notary or Czech POINT, which is the most accessible place where you can obtain certified copies of documents. For example, you can find Czech POINT at almost every post office. It does not take long and it is not very expensive. The certified copy will be marked with a sticker or stamp with details of the office and the person who made the copy.

Applying for a Czech visa and worried about not submitting your application correctly? Let us check your documents first to save you time and money.

That’s it, we have a document that carries the same weight as the original because it was made by a registered office and worker, and has its own traceable number in the records. Such a service costs 30 CZK per page, some places also charge you a few crowns for copying (for example at the post office), elsewhere you pay 21% VAT (at a notary).

Please also take into account that in the case of multilingual or foreign language documents, you may not be served at Czech POINT offices. In these situations, it is better to contact a notary office. Or see our previous article on how to get a certified translation of documents into Czech.

There are exceptions

As with everything, we can find exceptions. If for some reason you need to present civil registry documents, such as birth or marriage certificates, you can go straight to the office with only the originals, without a certified copy. There is an exception for civil registry documents, the clerk is required to copy them. 

Those who are prepared are not caught off guard. If necessary, always go to the offices armed with certified copies of essential documents. This will save you the trouble and time you would later spend proving the copies, and you will certainly make the officials happy by being prepared, which can always come in handy.

If you would still like to entrust your work to professionals who will make certified copies for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We can even accompany you to the authorities and assist you professionally throughout the process.