How Not to Fall For Renting Scams?

Whether we want to or not, we can meet scammers everywhere in the world. Even though we tend to present the Czech Republic as “a paradise to behold” (as we sing in the national anthem), we must educate you about our country with all the facts.

So, yes, even in the Czech Republic you may encounter scammers who will try to cheat you in, for example, a rental agreement. How not to fall for them? What to look out for when looking for a rental?

1. Not a penny without a contract

“Send us a deposit, we will send you the keys by a courier. We will sign the contract when we’re back from the vacation.” Unfortunately, even some of our team members faced this type of fraud when looking for their own rental apartment before joining ReloCare.

We understand that you want (and often need) to find a place to live as soon as possible, but we strongly recommend that you don’t rush things. Definitely don’t send any deposits or first rent to anyone without a signed contract. The keys may not be on the way, and the apartment may not even exist.

Sometimes it is cheaper to stay a few more nights in temporary accommodation rather than to push for a quick rental deal that could end up in you losing your money.

2. Don’t let yourself be pressured about payment

In general, beware if the landlord tries to put pressure on you. They may claim that they have more people interested in the apartment, which is often true given the real estate situation in Prague. But never believe someone who claims that another bidder is on the way with a cash deposit, and will give you priority if you pay immediately.

Insist that you want to sign a contract before any payment, which will be checked first by a lawyer or even a relocation agency like us. If this procedure is not to their liking, you are definitely not missing out. At most, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Do you want to be sure your rental contract makes sense and you are aware of the illegal or unfair clauses? We can help you to identify them and recommend what you should further negotiate. 

3. Be careful who you rent from

We have mentioned checking the contract because it is possible that the person you are negotiating the lease with does not have the right to rent the apartment at all. If they themselves have rented the apartment from the owner, they need the owner’s permission to rent it to someone else. At that point, they are the tenants and you would become a subtenant.

Even if they have this consent from the owner, unfortunately the Czech Civil Code does not set out the terms of the subletting agreement very precisely. Often these contracts favour tenants over subtenants.

You can find out whether the person you are negotiating the lease with is the owner of the flat from the Land Registry, which anyone can access online for free. Or ask a professional to check your contract.

Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing from the Land Registry whether the tenant has the owner’s permission to sublet the apartment. For that you need to see their own contract with the owner, and even then it may not be clear from it. We therefore generally do not recommend entering into such a contract.

Have you ever encountered a suspicious lease agreement? Or has someone even managed to scam you? If you are worried that you won’t understand the contract and will be cheated, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Favourite Places in Prague by ReloCare Team

There are plenty of guides to Prague restaurants and bars on the internet. Some are genuine, sometimes they are paid advertisements. We asked members of our ReloCare team what their favourite places in Prague are.

After all, for us, relocating clients also involves an Orientation Day in Prague center. During this, the client is accompanied directly by their relocation agent, so they can be sure they are getting honest information from someone who lives and spends time in Prague.

Kristýna recommends: L’Osteria

DRN Building, Národní 135/14, 110 00 Prague 1

This Italian restaurant near the National Theatre is probably my favourite place in the centre of Prague. You can feel the atmosphere of a typical Italian osteria. The setting is just beautiful – especially the courtyard! – and they serve the largest pizza you’ve ever had. I recommend coming in two, because you can’t eat it alone!

ReloCare Favourite Places
ReloCare Favourite Places
ReloCare Favourite Places

Adéla recommends: Advivum Wine Bar

In the garden of the Slavic House, Na Příkopě 859/22, Prague 1

This is my favourite wine bar in the courtyard of Slovanský Dům, where the atmosphere is beautiful and the prices are absolutely adequate to the quality. The owners carefully select the best wines from regions in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and also the Czech Republic. They hold various events and tastings, but it’s very pleasant even if you just come for a drink.

Jitka adds a tip: In the same courtyard of Slovanský Dům you can also find the Praline Club with a great selection of pralines and chocolates.

Bára recommends: Café Restaurant Palanda

Zlatnická 1122, Prague 1

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a coffee lounge. This place not far from Náměstí Republiky has the best burgers in Prague! And if I say so, it must be true! You can also try the variously flavoured tartare. It’s a place for real foodies!

You could read about the steak tartare in our article Must Try Foods in the Czech Republic.

ReloCare Favourite Places

Anežka recommends: Joystick Bar

Jindřišská 5, Prague 1

I like going to this bar near Wenceslas Square because you don’t have to “just” sit there with a beer. This is a common Czech evening entertainment, but I like something more action-packed. That’s why it’s great that you can play a lot of retro arcade games in this bar! They have Pilsner and Únětice beer on tap, but ask the staff about the various daily specials as well.

Anna recommends: SatSang

Krymská 439/24, Prague 10

For me this is the best place in Prague with vegetarian food. And they have a happy hour discount on prosecco! Plus they do brunch every day until 3pm, which is great if you’re not exactly an early bird. 🙂

It’s a short walk from here to Grébovka Park, which we wrote about in our article Discover the Best Parks.

Jitka recommends: AnonymouS Shrink’s Office Bar

Jungmannova 23/11, Prague 1

You’ll pay a little extra for a drink here, but I promise the experience is worth it! You will be surprised at the entrance door that you have to ring the bell and wait to be invited into the bar by a man in a Guy Fawkes mask. Open the menu and you’ll find no drinks, but a rorschach test! Basically, your drink is a bit of a surprise as to what the local “shrink” will prescribe to you. But I can assure you that the tests are quite reliable and your drink is guaranteed to taste good. Plus, it’s around the corner from the ReloCare office, so we’re close to it. 🙂

ReloCare Favourite Places

Have you visited any of our favorite places? If you’re interested in more tips for places in Prague, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bring certified copies with you, it will save you time

Series on immigration documents in the Czech Republic (2)

Have you ever brought an original document (a single copy!) to the Department of Foreigners and had it confiscated by an official on the spot? With our help, this won’t happen to you again. The institutions, in our case especially the Ministry of the Interior, require the original document to be included in the file. To make sure you don’t lose your valuable documents, we can advise you on how to obtain certified copies (“ověřená kopie”).

What is meant by original documents? Let’s take an example. Look at your employment contract. It should bear the signature of a company representative, preferably in blue ink, and ideally also the company’s stamp. We call this version of the document the original; it shows that the information is genuine and therefore valid. 

If you decide to make copies on your own and copy the contract yourself, we will call the finished product a plain copy, which does not carry the same weight as the original. The Ministry of the Interior (Department of Foreigners) will not accept it and other authorities will very likely not accept it either. 

How to ensure that the copy of the document is certified?

We recommend contacting a notary or Czech POINT, which is the most accessible place where you can obtain certified copies of documents. For example, you can find Czech POINT at almost every post office. It does not take long and it is not very expensive. The certified copy will be marked with a sticker or stamp with details of the office and the person who made the copy.

Applying for a Czech visa and worried about not submitting your application correctly? Let us check your documents first to save you time and money.

That’s it, we have a document that carries the same weight as the original because it was made by a registered office and worker, and has its own traceable number in the records. Such a service costs 30 CZK per page, some places also charge you a few crowns for copying (for example at the post office), elsewhere you pay 21% VAT (at a notary).

Please also take into account that in the case of multilingual or foreign language documents, you may not be served at Czech POINT offices. In these situations, it is better to contact a notary office. Or see our previous article on how to get a certified translation of documents into Czech.

There are exceptions

As with everything, we can find exceptions. If for some reason you need to present civil registry documents, such as birth or marriage certificates, you can go straight to the office with only the originals, without a certified copy. There is an exception for civil registry documents, the clerk is required to copy them. 

Those who are prepared are not caught off guard. If necessary, always go to the offices armed with certified copies of essential documents. This will save you the trouble and time you would later spend proving the copies, and you will certainly make the officials happy by being prepared, which can always come in handy.

If you would still like to entrust your work to professionals who will make certified copies for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We can even accompany you to the authorities and assist you professionally throughout the process.

Certified translations and other intricacies of document authentication

Series on immigration documents in the Czech Republic (1)

Legalization, superlegalization, apostilles, authentication… How is one supposed to understand all this? Let’s figure it out together in the upcoming series on the form of documents required for immigration to the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the official language is Czech. Therefore, official documents submitted to the Czech authorities must be in this language. The minor and only exception is Slovak. But what to do if we hold a document in our hands that is not in Czech or Slovak?

The option of translation is available. Beware, however, that official documents bearing signatures or even stamps should be handled by a professional, i.e. a court-appointed interpreter. A list of such translators is easy to find online. We recommend this procedure to all those who submit their documents to the authorities, particularly to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic – Department of Foreigners.

Among such documents that undergo official translation are those that foreigners provide in their applications. The most frequently encountered are translations of birth or marriage certificates, university and secondary school diplomas, as well as employment contracts.

How much does it cost to translate documents into Czech?

The preparation of a certified translation is not a cheap affair and prices vary according to the language combinations, but also the specialisation of the text, with a difference of several hundred crowns per standard page. Be sure to be careful when calculating the final price. You will rarely come across a 100% accurate estimate, given that legal translations are most often calculated on the basis of the number of resulting standard pages.

What’s a standard page? A normative page (“normostrana” or NS) is a standardized page that contains 1800 characters. It is a fair and universally used tool for calculating the “real” volume of text. Thus, a client cannot simply enter a text with the smallest possible font to ensure the lowest possible price, nor can a translator simply enlarge the font in the editor to collect a higher amount.

Applying for a Czech visa and worried about not submitting your application correctly? Let us check your documents first to save you time and money.

A Czech interpreter can help you communicate with the authorities

It is also worth mentioning the important function of certified interpreters. These professionals are most often used in official communication between the authorities and courts on the one hand, and the foreigner on the other. Interpreters are neutral and guarantee flawless interpretation. In the context of immigration procedure, a court-appointed interpreter can be encountered during an interview with the immigration police when applying for family reunification with a European Union citizen, and in everyday life, for example, during a final driving test.

Make certified copies of your documents

Once we have a certified (official) translation, we can proceed to the authorities. In most cases, our documents will not be returned, so it is advisable to go to a notary with all the documents and ask for certified copies, which will have the same weight as the original documents. If you come across the term “certified signature” (“ověřený podpis”), you can also look for notaries or branches marked with the blue “Czech POINT” sign. We will take a closer look at certified copies in the next article.

With this, we are done with the certified translations and interpretation, and we will complete the certified copies and signatures next time. But what do you do if the documents are made in a country subject to the Hague Apostille Convention or even have to go through the super-legalization process? We’ll address that in our series on authentication as well. Don’t miss the next episodes.

If you are having trouble finding a translator with the right language combination, or if you would simply like to entrust your work to professionals who will ensure the final quality, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you sort out the translation and verification for you.

Prague’s Picturesque Places You May Not Know About

Since you’ve already read heaps of articles about Charles Bridge, Petřín Lookout Tower and Dancing House, we’ve tried to find some other places in Prague that will captivate you with their picturesqueness.

Of course, places like Prague Castle or Old Town Square are the foundation of old Prague and are definitely worth a visit. But if you’ve already seen the highlights and want to soak up a bit of the local vibe, join us in checking out these few places to take selfies that regular tourists don’t have. Plus – all of them are admission free.

Smíchov Riverbank (Smíchovská Náplavka)

The Vltava riversides are nowadays undoubtedly the main scene of young life in Prague’s centre. It is a place for a walk, socialising and cultural events. The right riverbank is characterised by its unmistakable view of Prague Castle.

However, much less touristy is the Smíchov Riverbank, which can be reached by ferry or on foot over the unique Railway Bridge. On the Smíchov river side you can visit a gallery with a café and in the summer months an open air cinema. Or just sit and enjoy the views. From Smíchov you can see a completely different angle of Prague, for example a view of Vyšehrad Castle or the Dancing House.

Smichovska naplavka Prague


Just a 10-minute walk away from Prague Castle lies a Baroque chapel with a unique bell chime that is visited by surprisingly few tourists. Yet it is one of the last surviving Baroque music instruments in Europe with a mechanism that has not been modernised in any way.

When the Loreta is open (from July to September every day from 10:00 to 17:00, in June only from Wednesday to Sunday), the bell chimes play the Baroque song Maria, Maria every hour.

From there you can continue to Strahov and then to Petřín Gardens.


Now that we’ve mentioned Petřín hill and gardens, you can take a walk through the nearby Rose Garden after enjoying the views from the famous lookout tower. The roses at the top of Petrin hill are planted on an area of about 6 hectares with 7,800 rose specimens, some of which are very rare.

The rose orchard is freely accessible throughout the year. But if you want to see the roses in full bloom, plan your visit for mid-June. This is when you will experience the most romantic scenery.

A private Prague Orientation Day is a part of our Relocation Support package. All our consultants are locals with perfect English.

Star Chateau and Park (Hvězda)

Hvězda Park is located a bit further from the centre, but you can get there by direct tram from Prague Castle. In an English-style park with three avenues lies a summer manor with an interesting layout – a six-pointed star (= hvězda). This Renaissance chateau served as a hunting and resting manor.
Nowadays, exhibitions, classical music concerts and other cultural and social events are held here. But it is also a place where Prague residents go for a run, bicycle rides, a picnic with friends or for walks with children. In autumn, they fly kites in the nearby open field. The locals simply visit this park all year round as there is always something to do.

letohradek hvezda

Letná Park

A park much closer to the centre, which is also used by locals, is Letná. Getting there is quite a hike, but the views of the river and the Old Town are worth it. It’s a popular destination for runners, but it’s also a great place to socialise over drinks and outdoor festivals.

Local youth culture is represented at the outdoor Stalin Cultural Center – where the monument to the former statesman used to be. The monument has been replaced by the famous metronome, which can be seen from afar from many places in Prague. Nevertheless, the place is still called “At Stalin’s” and is a pleasant place to meet, relax and have fun. From Wednesday to Sunday there are free live concerts, a summer cinema with films and documentaries, stand up comedy, and electronic music.

Rieger Gardens (Riegrovy Sady)

Riegrovy sady is a place right in the centre of Vinohrady with an unforgettable view of Prague Castle or Petrin Hill. It is a frequent meeting place for students and it is not uncommon to see birthday parties on a picnic blanket with balloons and music.

When there is an important football match, a large number of people gather in the Open Air Pub, which is part of the park. You can watch the football on a screen and enjoy a bite of grilled sausage and a beer.

Riegrovy Sady Prague

Of course, there are many more places in Prague, where locals gather and where you won’t find that many tourists. Our consultants try to cover these places at every private Prague Orientation Day that is part of our Relocation Support package. Contact us here for more information.

Relocation Support and Administration (Junior position)

We’re a team of 12 young and dynamic professionals located in the heart of Prague. We offer immigration and relocation services to clients from abroad who are moving to the Czech Republic. Some of our clients include Coca Cola, Facebook and Skoda Auto.

We are looking for a new team member who is eager to learn and is enthusiastic about working with people. You’ll begin as an administration supporter of our consultants during your learning and training process. After six to nine months you are expected to become a Junior Immigration or Relocation Consultant, with the opportunity to graduate to a Senior position after two years. No previous experience with immigration or relocation is required.

You will be working in an English speaking environment and support clients from juniors to directors from all around the world. The job will help you develop great communication and customer care skills, analysis and teamwork. This is a challenging job with lots to learn and no two days are the same!

Your responsibilities

  • Client support during their arrival and during their stay in the Czech Republic
  • Support the immigration and relocation team with back-office tasks and preparation of the steps needed for a successful process 
  • Communicate with authorities such as the ministry of the interior, the labour office and embassies
  • Accompanying clients to different municipalities for meetings when required
  • Preparing documentation on behalf of the client
  • Coordinate and prepare applications 

What we need from you 

  • Working knowledge of MS Word and Excel, and databases
  • Able to confidently communicate in English
  • Deadline and time sensitive
  • Great eye for detail
  • Able to self-direct and self-manage
  • Team player – you need to be able to support your teammates and work in a group
  • Able to make effective business decisions based on factual information using good logic and common sense
  • Active driver
  • English – at least intermediate
  • Czech – at least advanced

What we offer

  • An opportunity to work in English
  • Experience working with an international clientele from junior to executive positions
  • Develop an independency workflow as a consultant (still guided and supported by supervisor) 
  • Work in a dynamic and strong team 
  • Problem solving and a creative environment 
  • Start: upon agreement, ideally during January – February 
  • Full-time, part -time, freelancer 
  • Salary: to be discussed
  • 25 days of holidays
  • Multisport card (CZK 400 by employer, CZK 200 charged to the employee) – optional
  • At least three fun team-building activities throughout the year
  • Free refreshments in the kitchen  

If this sounds exciting, drop us your CV and we’ll get in touch with you!

New Amendments to the Immigration Act From 2. 8. 2021

Updates to the Czech Immigration Act will come into force in August. At ReloCare, we have listed the most important changes that will be made to the law and how they will affect people moving to the Czech Republic. You can find this summary below.

The Certificate of Temporary Residence will change its name and form

As of 2. 8. 2021, the Certificate of Temporary Residence provided to EU members will be replaced by the Certificate of Registration. Its form is not yet known. It will however be issued with a 10-year validity.

Certificates of Temporary Residence that have already been issued do not need to be changed.

New administrative fees will be introduced

A fee of CZK 200, which will be paid in the form of stamps, will now be required for the following types of application:

  • Certificate of Registration (formerly Certificate of Temporary Residence)
  • Temporary Residence Permit for an EU family member
  • Extension of the validity of the Temporary Residence Permit for an EU family member
  • Permanent Residence Permit of an EU citizen
  • Permanent Residence Permit of an EU citizen and their family member

Changes to the status of an EU citizen family member

A new distinction is made between close and distant family members. A close family member is, for example, a spouse, parent or descendant under the conditions of § 15a(1) and (2). A distant family member is, for example, a permanent partner, household member or dependent under § 15a(3).

Residence of UK citizens

As of 2. 8. 2021, it is possible to request the exchange of the Certificate of Temporary Residence and the Certificate of Permanent Residence for a Biometric Card. Family members of UK citizens must also replace their existing form of Residence.

UK citizens who legally resided in the Czech Republic before 31. 12. 2020 can continue to apply for a Certificate of Registration. However, note that this document will only be issued with a validity of 5 years.

Health insurance limitations

From 2. 8. 2021, travel health insurance for foreigners in the scope of comprehensive healthcare will be arranged exclusively with the VZP, a.s. insurance company.

The obligation does not apply to:

  • EU citizens,
  • their close family members,
  • foreigners who are members of public health insurance,
  • and holders of valid EHIC and GHIC health insurance cards. 

Foreigners who arrived in the Czech Republic no later than 1. 8. 2021 or who are already residing in the Czech Republic on the basis of a long-term visa or long-term residence permit and who have secured insurance according to the conditions valid until 1. 8. 2021, will not be required to conclude a new insurance contract with VZP, a.s. insurance company for the duration of their current residence permit.

Up-to-date information can always be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

If you are a foreigner moving to the Czech Republic or an employer who is going to relocate foreign employees to the Czech Republic and you need any advice regarding the amendments to the Immigration Act, please do not hesitate to contact us at 608 874 860.

HR F*ck Ups Event

ReloCare ve spolupráci s FAE – First Aid for Employees vás srdečně zvou na


aneb Je v pohodě dělat chyby

HR F*ck Ups je celosvětově oblíbený event stvořený pro HR a jejich příběhy o chybách a omylech, se kterými se museli poprat a které je posunuly v kariéře.

Přijďte se zasmát na tento nevšední networking!

Stand Up Comedy, ze které se poučíte

Stand-up show, HR F*ck Ups Event

Naším uvolněným večerem nás provede Veronika Prášková, Senior Recruiter v Rossum a autorka podcastu Holky dRzý.

Na pódiu uvidíte přední české HR celebrity:

  • Jakub Konečný (CEO & Founder | BRIDGEWATER)
  • Matěj Matolín (Partner | Impulse Ventures)
  • Petra Nulíčková (HR Manager | Pale Fire Capital)
  • Zuzana Pešková (Head of HR | Livesport)
  • Jana Petruželová (HR Manager | Alza)
  • Barbora Čápková (Human Resources Manager | Vasky)
  • Tomáš Křesťan (Chief Human Resources Officer | Zásilkovna & Packeta Group)
HR F*ck Up Event Roosevelt Quote


  • 18:00 Networking
  • 19:00 Přivítání od Veroniky Práškové
  • 19:05 “F*ck Ups od Míši Sekaninové” (FAE – First Aid for Employees)
  • 19:30 “F*ck Up Stories Warm Up” (ReloCare)
  • 20:00 HR F*ck Ups od našich hostů
  • 21:30 Teď je to na vás aneb Fakapy od diváků
  • 22:30 Závěr

Připojte se k události na sociálních sítích a nic vám neuteče:

Těšíme se na viděnou!

Placená stáž v ReloCare

Stěhování do cizí země je bezesporu dobrodružství, ale je to také proces, který sleduje jasně daná pravidla (i když občas je to také tak trochu freestyle). V ReloCare pomáháme cizincům s přesunem do České republiky, aby vše proběhlo, jak má.

ReloCare nabízí placenou stáž v imigračním oddělení. Chceš se stát součástí mladého a pohodového týmu? Podílet se na imigračních procesech cizinců ze společností jako jsou Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, Škoda Auto a jiné? Přidej se k nám!

Náplň práce je podpora imigračního týmu při přípravě vízových žádostí, zajišťování překladů a notářských kopií, komunikace s ambasádami a Ministerstvem vnitra ČR, doprovod klientů – od studentů přes vrcholové manažery – na schůzky spojené s imigračními procesy. Komunikace v angličtině na denní bázi a práce v mezinárodním prostředí. 

Co nabízíme?

  • Zaučení v oblasti imigračních zákonů ČR,
  • práci v zajímavém prostředí, 
  • setkání s inspirativními lidmi,
  • možnost dlouhodobé spolupráce,
  • potvrzení o stáži.

Podmínky stáže:

  • Je ti více než 18 let,
  • strávíš s námi minimálně 3 měsíce,
  • hovoříš plynně česky a anglicky,
  • máš kladný vztah k cizincům,
  • dochvilnost a organizovanost jsou ti vlastní,
  • jsi samostatný a ochotný pomáhat.

Zaujala tě tato nabídka? Kontaktuj vedoucí imigračního oddělení Kristýnu na

Seminář: Úvod do imigrace

Seminář: Úvod do imigrace

Pracujete v oblasti HR a chtěli byste rozšířit své znalosti o tom, jak zajistit zahraničním zaměstnancům pracovní vízum? V ReloCare vám rádi pomůžeme! Kromě zajištění celého procesu žádosti o víza do České republiky a dalších zemí pořádáme také vzdělávací semináře zaměřené na hlavní imigrační procesy pro občany zemí Evropské unie a občany ze zemí mimo EU.

Naše semináře jsou vedeny česky nebo anglicky, podle Vašich potřeb. Naším cílem je pomoci HR specialistům usnadnit proces vyřízení pracovních víz svých zaměstnanců a jejich rodin při stěhování do České republiky.

Proč se zúčastnit?

HR profesionálové v mezinárodních společnostech se často snaží usnadnit svým zahraničním zaměstnancům stěhování do České republiky. Stěhování se do jiné země je vždy velkým krokem a v této fázi je rozhodující dodržení stanovené časové osy. Většina odborníků v oblasti lidských zdrojů čelí řadě překážek, které mohou vyřízení víz zpozdit. 

Účast na imigračním semináři vám pomůže pochopit základní aspekty imigrace do České republiky. Poskytne vám základní pochopení očekávaných harmonogramů a překážek spojených s vyřízením pracovních víz. Tyto informace využijete k lepšímu plánování procesu přestěhování zahraničních zaměstnanců. Kromě toho vám také pomůžeme najít systém, jak se orientovat v hlášení změn a včasném prodloužení víz cizinců, kteří již na území České republiky pobývají. Tím zajistíte, že pobyt vašich zahraničních zaměstnanců a jejich rodinných příslušníků bude na území České republiky po celou dobu legální.

A co víc, můžete s našimi odborníky sdílet vlastní zkušenosti či se zeptat na postup při získávání víz pro své nové i současné zaměstnance. Naši odborníci vám rádi pomohou tak, abyste pro své zaměstnance zajistili hladký průběh celého procesu.

Jak se přihlásit?

Každý seminář má omezenou kapacitu (10 míst). Vždy se s námi můžete spojit a zjistit, kdy se bude konat příští seminář, a zaregistrovat se.
Cena semináře je 2 400 Kč a 1 200 Kč pro naše klienty.

Pro více informací a registraci prosím napište e-mail na