Economic migration projects


Economic migration projects are special projects granted by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade for certain qualified companies (e.g. investors,start ups and well established companies), aiming to shorten the immigration process for the companies’ to hire their new non-EU employees faster. 


  • Highly Skilled Employee – for workers CZ ISCO 1-3 from all over the world
  • Key and Scientific Personnel – for workers CZ ISCO 1-3 from all over the world
  • Qualified Employee – CZ ISCO 4-8 Ukraine, Mongolia, Serbia, Philippines, India, Belarus, Moldova, Montenegro and Kazakhstan


  • Company that can prove no debt towards social, health insurance and taxes
  • Company that  received no fine for illegal employment 
  • Company of certain size (differs amongst programs)
  • Company that is on the market for a certain amount of time (differs amongst programs)


  • The program is valid for 1 year and unlimited numbers of employees fulfilling the conditions can be added within this period of time. It is then possible to apply repeatedly  to continue on the program
  • The desired permit (Long-term Residence Permit, Employee Card etc.) is approved within 30 days (rather within60 days)
  • Easier list of required documents for the application. Documents such as Employment contract and Confirmation of Accommodation are waived
  • Despite the limitation of work capacity at the embassies, applications through the programs are always accepted while other applications must wait a few weeks for a term. This is mostly relevant during pandemic time but not only. 
  • Employees are excused from participation in the Adaptation Courses, which are otherwise obligatory for most of non EU nationals


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