About Relocare
Who are We?

Founded by Dana Pick in 2008, ReloCare was created to help people sort through the difficulties they face when they are moving to Czech Republic to explore a job opportunity. Dana’s passion to help people formed the cornerstone upon which she led ReloCare to success. Today, ReloCare is a well-established company that believes in delivering high-quality services by taking care of their clients through attention to detail and transparent communication channels. We believe in taking on new challenges and working with companies with the same goals as ours to deliver value-based services.

What Do We Do?

ReloCare provides a wide range of in-house services related to relocating, immigration, and moving to Czech Republic. We primarily collaborate with human resource divisions of international companies in Czech Republic. We also provide support to relocation and immigration providers around the world who are seeking a reliable partner in Czech Republic for their corporate clients and relocation management companies (RMCs).

Visa and Work permit

From guiding through the immigration process, visa and work permit approvals to orientation tours, and settle-in services, ReloCare consultants team is there to assist every step of the way.

What Do We Aim to Achieve?

We seek to provide reliable and trustworthy support to companies looking to recruit expat employees to Prague and around Czech Republic. Our transparent, professional, and efficient communication systems are designed to save the time and money of our HR clients and partners. We also believe in gaining the confidence of employees by taking care of them and ensuring an easy immigration and relocation process that focuses on rigorous communication and anticipation of employee needs and requirements.

What Makes Us Different?

In an industry where communication between client and company continues to be a challenge, ReloCare has built a robust system of communication that allows us to remain in constant contact with our clients. We have established a comprehensive set of protocols that involve timely follow-ups with our clients regarding the progress of their immigration and DSP process. We initiate communication with our clients within 24 hours, however mostly answers will be provided within 4 working hours only which is significantly faster than usual industry standards.

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ReloCare is open to new challenges and cooperation

Dana Pick

Founder & Managing Director

Tomáš Zůbek

Head of Relocation

Kristýna Richtrová

Head of Immigration

Barbora Podskalská

Senior Immigration & Business Visa Consultant

Bára Odvárková

Immigration & Relocation Consultant

Jana Uhlířová

Senior Immigration Consultant

Lenka Balíková

Senior Relocation Consultant

Lucie Šimonová

Relocation Consultant

Anna Kopylová

Immigration Consultant

Anežka Šimková

Administration & Relocation Assistant

Adéla Eiseltová

Relocation Assistant

Jitka Svojanová

Marketing Specialist