Confirmation of Accommodation

Confirmation of Accommodation (CoA) is required by the Ministry of the Interior for the purposes of visa and residence applications (Pursuant to Act No. 326/1999 Coll.). When obtaining Residence Permit in the Czech Republic, the Confirmation of Accommodation completely supplements a Lease agreement which then does not have to be submitted in the immigration process.

As of January 1, 2020, the Ministry of Interior (OAMP), keeps all documents provided without the possibility to receive it back.  If you don’t want to give up your only copy of your Lease agreement, you must provide a verified copy of the whole document (CZK 30 / per page)  which may turn out to be quite costly if you are applying for several family members. For this reason the Confirmation of Accommodation is often a preferred option. 

What are the benefits, when is it needed and how to obtain the confirmation of accommodation? We have summarized all the important information you need to know before you start. 

Typical cases when the Confirmation of Accommodation is needed: 

  • There is no Lease agreement signed / provided 
  • Lease agreement is in English language only – the Ministry of Interior requires the document in Czech language! 
  • There is a mistake in the lease agreement (signed by an unauthorized person, incorrectly marked housing unit, typographical error, etc.)
  • One of the tenants is not stated in the contract (flatshare / family members) 
  • The lease agreement is concluded with the a company without specifying the employee as user of the property with personal details (name, passport, date of birth)

Benefit of providing the Confirmation: 

  • Protection of private data, e.g. rent expense, tenant’s residence abroad, etc.
  • Effective solution when submitting applications for a multi-member family – there is no obligation to provide an officially certified copy of the lease agreement for each application

The Confirmation of Accommodation must include:

  • Details of the owner of the property (or his/her authorized representative – in such case a notarized original of the Power of attorney authorizing the signing on behalf of the landlord must be provided),
  • Specification of the unit so that it can be traced in the real estate cadastre (accommodation unit number or LV number),
  • Foreigner’s personal data (min. 3 identification elements),
  • The relationship between the foreigner and the unit,
  • Signature (signature verification required in some cases).

Who is entitled to sign the Confirmation of Accommodation?

  • Owner of the property
  • Authorized representative of the owner
  • Executive or other authorized representative of the company that owns the property

How to sign the Confirmation of Accommodation?

  • Confirmation of accommodation for EU national: Owner must sign with a blue ballpoint pen
  • Confirmation of accommodation for non-EU national: Owner’s signature must be officially verified by notary or officials at Czech Point

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