Registered Mail in the Czech Republic

What is a registered mail (“Doporučený dopis”)?

Registered mail is a form of a delivery of the mail by the Czech Post to the hands of the receiver.

To send a letter as registered, a small form called “Podací lístek” has to be filled out. “Podací lístek” also includes an option of notifying the sender that the mail has been delivered. Thus, you can be sure that the recipient received the letter.

You can find the “Podací lístek” at the Czech Post branch (usually near the clerks’ windows), or you can fill it out online on the Czech Post website and print it then.

The cost of sending a registered mail is around CZK 55-80, according to the weight and size of the envelope.

How to fill out “Podací lístek”?

The only part you have to fill out is “odesílatel” (sender) and “adresát” (receiver).

State full name (first name + surname) and full address (street + street number + town + postcode) of the sender and the receiver as well.

If you wish to receive an sms confirmation that the letter was delivered to the receiver, state also your phone number.

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When you may need to use the registered mail?

Using a registered mail is recommended when sending official documents to the authorities or when sending a termination letter to the landlord for example. However, it is wise to use in any other case when you need evidence for the delivery of the mail.

Tracking number

The Post office will issue a tracking number on the “Podací lístek”, usually it starts with R and followed by digit numbers.

You can follow your letter on the Czech Post website.

What are the other options?

  • Common letter – the most common method of buying a stamp and dropping the letter in the postbox, no tracking is possible.
  • Letter with a delivery note – you will receive a paper confirmation with the signature or the recipient confirming the letter has been handed to the recipient – this form of letter is recommended when sending an official document to the authorities.


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