České zdravotní pojištění

Czech Health Insurance  – find out everything you need to know.

In the Czech Republic, health insurance is compulsory. It can be arranged through a public or private provider. 

Anyone working full-time for a Czech employer is automatically insured under the country’s public healthcare system and payments for the health insurance are deducted and paid automatically from their salary. 

Long-term visitors usually arrange insurance through a private insurance company. 

Health Insurance Guide, EU, Czech Republic
Health Insurance Guide, nonEU, Czech Republic

Anyone staying in the Czech Republic for over 90 days is required to show proof of health insurance. Those who stay for less than 90 days can be covered by travel insurance. 


Private health insurance in the Czech Republic is more expensive than public insurance, however it is better equipped to procure expat patients as it has more English-speaking staff. Private medical centres also usually offer immediate medical treatment without long waiting times.  


General health insurance secures free medical treatment based on monthly compulsory contributions paid by the employers and employees (automatic deductions from the salary). Some special treatments may still require separate payments, but most medical care is covered by general health insurance. The biggest insurance company is Všeobecná Zdravotní Pojišťovna (VZP). 


EU citizens may use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Upon presentation of the EHIC, the insured person of one EU Member State is entitled to medically necessary healthcare in the territory of another Member State, taking into account the nature of the illness and the expected length of stay. Please note that the EHIC does not guarantee free treatment.

Expats without EHIC who are not employed by a Czech employer are not entitled to free medical care. 


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