Moving to Prague but not sure where to begin?

We know moving abroad comes with a list of questions, uncertainties and answers you didn’t even realise you should be searching for. This is why we designed a unique Pre-Arrival Call for those who want to move but need that final reassurance and support.


From insider know-how on immigration, types of residencies and visas to practical information and tips on areas to live, typical rental contracts, moving about and parking, our Pre-Arrival Call will have all the answers you need before moving to Prague.


Each session is completely customized according to your needs and lifestyle, so you will receive the tips that are most valuable to you. We encourage you to prepare questions in advance so that we can prepare the most informative and useful answers for you!


Moving abroad is exciting and we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity for lack of preparation. Contact us today and let’s get talking! Book your personalised Pre-Arrival Call with one of our local relocation experts and feel better about your new journey.


What can you expect?


A 90-minute informal chat covering:


  • The rental market in Prague – get familiar with the actual budget you will need to live the way you want and what a typical lease contract can look like
  • Medical care and insurance – things here may work differently than in your home country and having the right type of insurance is tightly connected to your visa or residence permit
  • Cars and permits – Should you bring your car? How much will it cost you to park it in your new neighborhood?
  • A Q&A session – ask us about your specific circumstances – pets, disabilities, family members, specific costs, distances, locations and more.
  • A free Cost of Living Guide for 2022 in PDF format
Price: EUR 100

Book your Pre-Arrival Call now and feel good about your move!