What is it?


Our on-site consultation services are designed to provide your expat employees with the information they need about relocation and immigration. Our consultant can visit your office or schedule regular video conferences. This service allows your employees to schedule one-on-one meetings with professionals to get advice on their relocation journeys.

Immigration consultations introduce the steps required to move through the immigration process successfully. Our consultant will alsoanswer any relevant questions regarding the process. The service does not include reviewing application documents or providing professional

Why do it?


Having an On-site ReloCare Consultant allows you to:

  • Save time – we will guide your employees through obstacles associated with immigration and relocation and you can invest your time and energy into things that require your attention
  • Build your brand – offering assistance from a professional consultancy service shows your dedication to happy employees
  • Avoid complications – Allowing employees to consult with an immigration and relocation consultant can enable faster approvals on their applications and ensure continued employment

How does it work?


Our consultancy services involve a simple 3-step process:

  1. Start talking – Discuss our services with your employees and provide ReloCare with their contact information so that we can schedule meetings with them.
  2. Choose a location – Assign us a designated consultation room on your business premises 
  3. Book a consultation – A booking system will be available to your employees to schedule meetings with us. We are also open to accepting impromptu appointments with your employees. These will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Dana Pick
Managing Director

+420 602 101 031