New Amendments to the Immigration Act From 2. 8. 2021

Updates to the Czech Immigration Act will come into force in August. At ReloCare, we have listed the most important changes that will be made to the law and how they will affect people moving to the Czech Republic. You can find this summary below.

The Certificate of Temporary Residence will change its name and form

As of 2. 8. 2021, the Certificate of Temporary Residence provided to EU members will be replaced by the Certificate of Registration. Its form is not yet known. It will however be issued with a 10-year validity.

Certificates of Temporary Residence that have already been issued do not need to be changed.

New administrative fees will be introduced

A fee of CZK 200, which will be paid in the form of stamps, will now be required for the following types of application:

  • Certificate of Registration (formerly Certificate of Temporary Residence)
  • Temporary Residence Permit for an EU family member
  • Extension of the validity of the Temporary Residence Permit for an EU family member
  • Permanent Residence Permit of an EU citizen
  • Permanent Residence Permit of an EU citizen and their family member

Changes to the status of an EU citizen family member

A new distinction is made between close and distant family members. A close family member is, for example, a spouse, parent or descendant under the conditions of § 15a(1) and (2). A distant family member is, for example, a permanent partner, household member or dependent under § 15a(3).

Residence of UK citizens

As of 2. 8. 2021, it is possible to request the exchange of the Certificate of Temporary Residence and the Certificate of Permanent Residence for a Biometric Card. Family members of UK citizens must also replace their existing form of Residence.

UK citizens who legally resided in the Czech Republic before 31. 12. 2020 can continue to apply for a Certificate of Registration. However, note that this document will only be issued with a validity of 5 years.

Health insurance limitations

From 2. 8. 2021, travel health insurance for foreigners in the scope of comprehensive healthcare will be arranged exclusively with the VZP, a.s. insurance company.

The obligation does not apply to:

  • EU citizens,
  • their close family members,
  • foreigners who are members of public health insurance,
  • and holders of valid EHIC and GHIC health insurance cards. 

Foreigners who arrived in the Czech Republic no later than 1. 8. 2021 or who are already residing in the Czech Republic on the basis of a long-term visa or long-term residence permit and who have secured insurance according to the conditions valid until 1. 8. 2021, will not be required to conclude a new insurance contract with VZP, a.s. insurance company for the duration of their current residence permit.

Up-to-date information can always be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

If you are a foreigner moving to the Czech Republic or an employer who is going to relocate foreign employees to the Czech Republic and you need any advice regarding the amendments to the Immigration Act, please do not hesitate to contact us at 608 874 860.