Are you confused with all the terminology connected to the immigration process to the Czech Republic? Let us help you! We have prepared a list of brief explanations to organize your thoughts and for better understanding.

Apostille / Apostila

Verification stamp issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Justice of the country the certificate was issued in. This is required as it serves as international recognition of the document. The document with an Apostille is accepted only for country members in the Hague Apostille Convention.

Biometrical Card / Biometrická karta

All long-term Residence Permits and Permanent Residencies are issued in the form of a Biometrical Card, which contains biometric information of photo and fingerprints. The personal arrival of the applicant is required for both meetings by appointment only. The process of obtaining the card from applying to the collection meeting is 30 days.

Birth Number / Rodné číslo

Every foreign resident in the Czech Republic based on a visa/permit is entitled to receive a Czech Birth Number, which is a unique identification number. The purpose of the number is to simplify communication with the authorities. However, some services will require a Birth Number such as buying a car.

Bridge Visa (BV) / Překlenovací štítek

A visa issued as a sticker in the passport of the applicant. The visa allows free travel in/out the Czech Republic while the extension permit is not yet approved, however, the older permit is already expired.  Usually issued for 2-4 months; can be prolonged. The visa is received at the meeting.

Confirmation of Accomodation (CoA) / Doklad o ubytování

A document signed by the landlord proving a foreigner is staying at their owned property. The CoA is submitted as a proof of accommodation for the visa/permit application. Often is used instead of the Lease Agreement in order to protect the Foreigner’s privacy as CoA does not contain any information regarding the price of the rent etc. Landlords must verify the signature in front of a notary or via Czech Point, in case the tenant is a Non-EU member.

Dispatched Employee / Vyslaný zaměstanec

An employee that is temporarily dispatched (transferred) to the Czech Republic to execute work by his company. The employment contract is set with a company out of the Czech Republic and the salary payment and social and health contributions are done out of the Czech Republic.  An Employee Card permit will be required for the process along with Work Permit. The opposite type of employment is Locally-hired.

Czech Embassy / Česká ambasáda

Any first application of a visa/permit must be submitted via a Czech Embassy. Certain nationalities can apply from any Czech Embassy in the world while others can apply for the visa/permit only in their home country or a country they have a valid visa/permit.  The evaluation process of the application is done by the Czech Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic (see Ministry of Interior), who is the deciding authority in the process, the embassy holds no influence on the decision of the application.

Employee Card (EC) / Zaměstnanecká karta

A long-term Residence Permit is a combination of Work Permit and Residence Permit for a locally-hired employee. The application must be submitted at a Czech Embassy. The process is normally 60 days but in special cases can be up to 90 days. Once approved, a transit visa should be collected from the same Embassy. Upon arrival to the Czech Republic, the applicant shall arrive for a scheduled appointment to the Ministry of Interior where the biometric data is collected (up to 30 days process). The card is issued with a maximum validity of 2 years, however with possible several extensions. When the employee is being transferred and not locally-hired, it is required to apply for an additional Work Permit. Employment is allowed to start on the day of the submission of the biometric data.

Governmental Projects (formerly known as Fast Track) / Vládní projekty

Beneficial projects that are promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The aim of these projects is to support companies in the Czech Republic and speed up the immigration process for certain types of non-EU Employees. Companies must fulfill given requirements to apply for the project (i.e. indebtedness). The company registration cannot be done ahead and only when applying for a particular employee application. Once registered, the company is entitled to apply for more employees under the registration in the project for a period of 6 months. In some Czech embassies, it is almost impossible to receive a term to apply for visa/permit and therefore highly recommended to apply through the project in those specific countries (for example India, Ukraine). The process through the project is shorter in 30 days, receive of the term to apply is faster and there are some documents that are waved and not required to submit for the permit application.

Intra-Corporate Transfer / Vnitropodnikový přesun

The new type of Residence Permit implemented in 2017, designed for a special type of employees on management-level positions, specialists, and employed interns transferred within a company from outside of the EU to the company’s Czech branch.  It is issued for a maximum of 3 years. The dispatching company and the accepting company must be legally connected.

Locally Hired Employee / Lokální zaměstnanec

A type of employee that is hired directly by a Czech company, receives the salary payment, social and health insurance in the Czech Republic. Non-EU employees shall apply for an Employee Card/Blue Card. The opposite type of locally -hired employment is dispatched employment.

Long-term Residence Permit (LTRP) / Povolení k dlouhodobému pobytu

Prolongation of the 1st Long-term Visa is called Long-term Resident Permit. The application is submitted at the Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic no earlier than 120 days and no later than a day before the expiry date of the Long-term Visa. Once approved, a Biometrical Card is issued. Legal work is allowed from the day the Biometrical Card is issued.

Long-term Visa / Dlouhodobá víza

Designated for the partner/spouse/children/CEO/students. The application must be submitted via a Czech Embassy. The process takes up to 90-120 days and the visa must be collected at the Embassy where the application was submitted. Visa is issued with 6 months to 1-year validity. Following a Long Term Resident Permit will be issued.

Ministry of Interior / Ministerstvo vnitra

The main authority processing all the Visas/Permits applications. The Ministry offices around the Czech Republic are called “Department of Asylum and Migration Politics”. The offices are divided based on the address statement of the applicant and it is necessary to visit the Ministry according to the official address.

Nostrification / Nostrifikace

Recognition of a foreign Diploma by the Czech education system. The process is done in the Czech Republic by one of the certified academic institutions. This Nostrification is normally required for the Blue Card application. Process time 30-60 days. The document must have an Apostille on it or the Superlegalization confirmation.

Power of Attorney (shortly PoA) / Plná moc

PoA is a written confirmation allowing one to represent or act on the grantor’s behalf. In the immigration sphere, it enables an agent to apply on the client’s behalf, follow up on the process, and submit additional documents to finalize the process successfully. Collection of permits are not allowed in any case with PoA, always the applicant must arrive in person. Note, some applications can be applied in person only and PoA will not be valid.

Registration in the Foreign Police (FP) / Registrace příjezdu na cizinecké policii

All foreigners must be registered at the Foreign Police after the arrival to the Czech Republic (Non EU citizens within 3 days, EU citizens within 30 days) at the Foreign Police. The registration has no booking system and it is required to take a number and stand in a queue. If a foreigner is staying in a hotel/temporary accommodation, this obligation falls on the hotel/resident but it is advised to confirm that the registration was done. Having health insurance in the Czech Republic is neccessary for the registration.

Registration at the Labour Office / Nahlášení nástupu do zaměstnání Úřadu práce

The beginning of the employment must be registered via the Labor Office, however, the end of employment must be announced to the same authority.  The registration must be done no later than the first day of employment and within 10 days after the termination of the employment.

Residence Permit for Non EU / Povolení k přechodnému pobytu

Type of permit for family members of EU nationals. It is issued with 5-year validity with the possibility of extension. The process may take 4-8 months and require an unplanned visit of the police to question the couple and confirm that the relationship is legitimate. If the police will visit home 3 times and cannot find the couple, the police will provide an official letter inviting them to an interview at the Foreign Police. It is not possible to schedule with the police the visit. However, if they arrive and one spouse is missing, they may agree to wait shortly for the second partner’s arrival (probably from work).

Short-term visa / Krátkodobá víza

A travel visa issued up to 90 days. Application. The visa must be applied and collected from the same Czech Embassy. There are various purposes, one of which is employed for a short period. Short term visa for the purpose of work must be issued along with a work permit for the same period. Process time at the embassy, up to 14 days.

Superlegalization / Superlegalizace

Confirmation of the authenticity and legitimacy of the document by authorities and recognition to be officially used by other countries. The process requires a visit to the Ministry of Justice in the country of issuance followed by a visit to the Czech Embassy in the same country. The process varies depending on the country.

The process can be done only for official documents that are issued by a recognized organization/officials. Private statements, agreements such as rent contracts, bank statements, cannot be superlegalized.

Temporary Residence Permit / Potvrzení o přechodném pobytu

Officially known as Confirmation of the Temporary Residency. Type of permit aimed for EU citizens. Applying is optional, however, it brings benefits to the person in connection to the stay in the Czech Republic, when e.g. when signing a contract with an internet provider, arranging a parking permit, buying a car, applying for maternity leave or social benefits from the home country, etc. The process is 30 days. It is possible to apply with PoA and collect it in person.

Tourist Visa / Turistická víza

Allows entry to the Czech Republic for up to 90 days in the overall period of 180 days (with possible multi-entry during this period, however, this must be specified in the visa). Over 60 nationalities can enter the Czech Republic without any official visa, however, others are required to apply for the tourist visa at the Czech Embassy in their region. The process of the application takes up to 14 days. Note that this is a non-working visa and any working performance or do other wage-earning activities is prohibited.

Entry visa / Tranzitní vízum

Visa collected from the Embassy once the employee card application is approved. For some nationalities, the collection of the visa is essential in order to enter the Czech Republic and apply for the Biometrical Card which is the end of the Employee Card process. The issue is immediate. Note that some embassies will require an announcement of the arrival to the Embassy for the issue of the visa (and approval from the Embassy).

Vacancy Announcement at the Labour Office / Hlášenka volného pracovního místa

In order to receive permission to hire a foreigner, it is required to prove that the new employee is not hired for a job that can be executed by Czech citizens. Therefore a vacancy for the job position has to be reported to the Labor Office to give to locals the opportunity to apply for the position. Automatic approval will be issued after 30 days from the submission of the vacancy if no suitable local candidate was found. The Employee Card application can be submitted via the Embassy only after the completion of the 30 days of the vacancy report is fulfilled.

Visit at the Ministry Without an Appointment / Podání žádosti bez sjednané schůzky

All meetings at the ministry of interior for immigration purposes (applying/update) require an advance booking of meetings. When the meeting is required urgently and no available meeting slots can fulfill the urgent need, it is possible to attend the ministry without an appointment based on a collection of numbers and waiting in the queue. Length of waiting time can be anytime between 2-8 hours. However, some services are provided based on appointment only, for example, Biometrical Cards.

Work Permit / Pracovní povolení

Required when applying for an Employee Card permit of the dispatched employee (not local contract) and/or short-term visas for the purpose of employment. The official process time is 30 days, however, in the city of Prague, the process often takes 60 days while in other cities the process is often shorter.

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