HR Snídaně – Relokace a employee experience

Naše iniciativa vytvořit komunitu HR specialistů a rekruterů pokračuje s novou akcí HR Snídaně! Chceme se s Vámi vzájemně učit a sdílet zkušenosti a tipy ze světa relokace a imigrace.


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Naše první HR Snídaně se koná 4. 8. 2022 v uvolněném prostředí kavárny mamacoffee, kde s Vámi chceme sdílet aktuality ze světa relokace a jak mohou ovlivnit Váš nábor a retenci zahraničních zaměstnanců.
Diskuzi povedou Head of Relocation Tomáš Zůbek a Head of Immigration Kristýna Richtrová, které doplní HR Manager Kateřina Kracíková z firmy Doosan Bobcat. Společně s Vámi probereme klíčové momenty relokace, jak předejít problémům a jak zajistit zaměstnanci relokaci bez stresu a komplikací, aby u Vás ve firmě zůstal co nejdéle. Chceme mluvit jak o praktických aspektech relokace, jako jsou rozpočty, časové osy a vládní programy, tak i o psychologické straně relokace. Probereme možné následky úspěšné i neúspěšné imigrace na expata, a jak se tyto následky pak mohou projevit v zaměstnání.


Zní to zajímavě? Přijďte se s námi seznámit, nasnídat a dozvědět se o prověřených relokačních strategiích, díky kterým jsou zaměstnanci ze zahraničí v Praze a v práci spokojenější.


Kdy a kde:
4. 8. 2022 v 8:45
kavárna mamacoffee, Vodičkova 6, Praha 1


8:45 – 9:15 – snídaně a seznámení
9:15 – 10:30 – neformální prezentace a panelová diskuze na téma “Jak ovlivní relokace spokojenost expatů ve firmě?”, relokační a imigrační aktuality od našich expertů a tipy od HR managerky
10:30 – 11:00 – Q&A, rozloučení


Kvůli limitované kapacitě akce Vás prosíme o zarezervování místa. Vstup je volný.

British nationals – last call to update your permit to a biometric card

UK citizens who’ve been living in the Czech Republic since before January 2021 must exchange their permit for a biometric card by August 31st 2022.
If you don’t have a biometric card already, we recommend starting the process ASAP to avoid delays and long waiting times.

Not applying for the biometric card before the upcoming August deadline may result in delays or refusal of Czech state services. It may also make travelling within and into the Schengen area more difficult.

Contact us today to get assistance with your biometric card process. We will book your appointments at the Ministry of Interior and accompany you to data collection to avoid language barriers and confusion.

Process steps

– case assessment
– Ministry of Interior (MOI) appointment booking (currently the earliest appointments are in early August!)
– MOI accompanied appointment to collect biometric data
– MOI accompanied appointment to collect the biometric card

A guide to Adaptation & Integration Courses

Adaptation & Integration courses are mandatory for all non-EU foreigners between 15-61 years of age who have received their first ever biometric long-term or permanent residency permit after 1.1.2021. Read through our guide to understand if you need to take the course, when and how!


You must take the course if you fulfill all of these requirements:
  • Third country/Non-EU citizen
  • Between 15-61 years old
  • Received your first biometric residence permit after 1.1.2021


You do not have to take the course if you are:
  • From the EU
  • Younger than 15 or older than 61
  • Extending your residence permit or changing your purpose of stay


Important: Newcomers have one year from when their residence permit is issued to complete the course, otherwise they risk being fined up to CZK 10,000.


What is the course like?
The course is taught by a Czech tutor and interpreted into English, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, French, Serbian, Mongolian, Arabic and Vietnamese. 
It takes four hours and costs CZK 1,500. You need to attend the full four hours in order to “pass”. You will not be tested.


What will you learn?
The course covers issues foreigners may come across in the Czech Republic, as well as the values of Czech society and culture.



How to take the course:
  • Register here:
  • Pay CZK 1500 to the Ministry of the Interior using the QR code found in the registration form
  • Wait a few days for the payment to be processed, then you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to book to your course date.
  • In Prague – arrive at Žitná 51 (6th floor) at least 20 minute before your appointment and bring a pen



Find out more information about the courses here.


Contact us to get guidance on the these courses and any other immigration matter!

A1 – A must for working abroad

What is it?

All employees sent for work across Europe are obliged to have an A1 form.

The A1 (formerly E101 or E103) is an internationally recognised form that allows EU-based employees to work from other EU and EEA* countries without paying additional social and health insurance fees. It proves you pay insurance in another European country, and therefore prevents you from being fined.

Who does it concern?

The A1 form is obligatory for Czech residents working in multiple EU* states. 

Whether it is a half-day business trip or a year abroad, having the A1 form is a legal requirement and not fulfilling it could result in fines. The A1 is valid for up to 24 months and can be re-issued, given the employee fulfills a two-month break after the expiration date before re-applying.

How to get your A1?

At ReloCare we can submit the A1 application for you so you can save time and focus on work. Keep in mind that the authorities demand between 30 – 40 working days for issuing the form, so make sure you let us know well ahead of your trip.

For A1 information and support, contact our A1 consultant Lucie Šimonová at

*The A1 form is valid across the EU, the EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), Switzerland and the UK.

Immigration updates for Russian and Belarusian citizens

UPDATE 30.3.2022


Russian and Belarusian citizens who have already received their entry visa (with the intention of obtaining an employee/blue card) before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, can now finish the process at the Ministry of the Interior.


Find more information here.

Original article from the Ministry of Industry and Trade here.

Immigration overview for Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic

Here you can find the latest citizenship and visa updates from the Czech Ministry of the Interior regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Read the original article in Czech and Ukrainian here.


UPDATE 22. 3. 2022 


Citizens of Ukraine who hold a valid biometric passport can stay in the Czech Republic for a period of 90 days without a visa. It is only necessary to register with the Foreign Police within 30 days, unless their accommodation provider registers them instead. To stay in the Czech Republic and participate in everyday life, it is possible to apply for temporary protection


From March 22nd  the so-called special long-term visa for citizens of Ukraine will no longer be issued in the simplified regime. The so-called Lex Ukraine act has come into force and establishes temporary protection for citizens of Ukraine fleeing armed conflict from Ukraine. 


For further details and instructions please read the original article available in Czech, English and Ukrainian.


UPDATE 21. 3. 2022


As of 21.3. all Ukrainian immigrants with the special long-term visa (read how to obtain it below) may enter the Czech labour market and apply for jobs freely. It is then the employer’s duty to announce the new employee to the Labour office. Foreigners who have obtained this long-term visa are eligible for a one-time humanitarian benefit of CZK 5 000. In order to receive the benefit, they must have a Czech bank account. Ukrainian refugees may apply for this benefit here.


Those who have a Czech bank account and have received the humanitarian benefit do not have to submit any further documentation to the Labour office. Without a Czech bank account, the foreigner must show their passport and long-term visa to enter the labour market. Immigrants who have received the humanitarian benefit and do not have enough funds to secure basic needs (food, medicine, clothes, etc.) may apply for a second benefit here.


Employers who wish to offer job vacancies to Ukrainian refugees should directly contact the director of the relevant Labour office. Find the full list of contacts here.

Find the original article and a Ukrainian version here.


Download our Czech Immigration Overview for Ukrainian Citizens


All information valid on 9.3.2022 and subject to change. Available in English, Czech and Ukrainian.


Czech Immigration Overview for Ukrainian Citizens

ReloCare Přehled pro imigrující občany Ukrajiny

Огляд чеської імміграції для громадян України


For any immigration queries related to the conflict in Ukraine, we are now offering free consultations with our immigration expert Kristýna Richtrová. We kindly ask you to search for answers to your questions in the documents above before contacting us.


Our consultant Kristýna Richtrová is available for these consultations every working day from 9AM – 5PM at +420 608 874 860.


Update 9.3.2022


ALL necessary registrations and applications for Ukrainian refugees can now be done at the Prague Congress centre at Vyšehrad.

Address: 5. května 65, Praha 4, entrance 10 (metro C Vyšehrad station)

Open every day, non-stop

  • With a biometric passport, no visa needed.
  • May stay in Czech territory for 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa. It is recommended to obtain health insurance that covers the entire stay. Most popular health insurance providers are Slavia, Axa, Maxima, PVZP.
  • Within three days of entering Czech territory all foreigners must register at the Foreign Police* in the relevant city. If staying at a hotel, Airbnb, hostel or any other tourist accommodation facility, the owner of such facility is responsible for this registration. We recommend to check it was done.
  • All Ukrainian citizens staying in the Czech Republic without a visa, or with a visa or residence permit expiring in the next 14 days, are required to apply for a special long-term visa in person at the OAMP* (Department of Asylum and Migration Policy at The Ministry of the Interior).
  • All Covid-19 travel restrictions have been cancelled for Ukrainian citizens.
  • Original passport or ID card
  • Address of accommodation
  • Health insurance confirmation (optional)
  • Register at the FP office in person*
  • Filled in form
  • Original passport-size photo (45x35mm)
  • Original passport or travel document
  • In-person application at the OAMP*
  • The visa is processed and issued on the spot.
  • Validity: 1 year. This may change as the situation develops.
  • Number of entries: 0. The visa applicant may not travel outside the Czech Republic otherwise they will not be let back in.
  • The long-term visa grants Ukrainian citizens free health insurance by VZP.
  • Once the visa is approved, the citizen must come to any VZP office (with original passport) to obtain the free insurance card.
  • Ukrainian citizens can work in the Czech Republic once they obtain the long-term visa and a work permit. The permit is issued at the Labour office.
  • The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is currently negotiating to grant an exception to allow Ukrainian citizens to work immediately without any further permissions.
  • Vacancy form filled and submitted by the employer
  • Application form(online version)
  • Passport copy
  • Work contract
  • In-person application at the Labour office*

*ALL necessary registrations and applications for Ukrainian refugees can now be done at the Prague Congress centre at Vyšehrad.

Address: 5. května 65, Praha 4, entrance 10 (metro C Vyšehrad station)

Open every day, non-stop

Foreign Police

Olšanská 2176/2 130 51, Praha 3

Mon + Wed – 08:00 – 17:00
Tue + Thu – 08:00 – 15:00

Fri, Sat, Sun – closed

+420 974 820 229

OAMP – Department of Asylum and Migration Policy at The Ministry of the Interior

Special opening hours for Ukrainian citizens

Online appointment booking

Offices and opening hours across the Czech Republic

+420 974 801 802,

Labour office

Opening hours and addresses across the Czech Republic

+420 800 779 900,

Health Ministry Ukrainian phone line

+420 226 20 1221 – select option 8

VZP health insurance

+420 233 006 311,

Offices and opening hours across the Czech Republic