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Why choose ReloCare?

New Arrivals Starting a Business

We are moving on company assignment or to start a new life in the Czech Republic! We need help with everything from finding home to getting immigration support to start our own business and knowing how to enjoy our free time! Is there one agency that can do all that?

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Family Planning to Move To Prague

We have just been relocated to Prague for work and we have 3 young children. We need to move our entire home, find a place that has a good school for our children, and make sure we choose the insurance that is right for us. Can someone help with that?

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Long Time Expat in the Czech Republic

I’ve been living in Prague for 4 years but just found out I’m pregnant. Also, we would like to get married with my partner and update the foreign police on our marriage. On top, we will need a bigger home but wish to have minimum hassle on the search. Is there any support for expats like us?

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Our Happy Clients

Moving to Prague wouldn't be so easy without the support, experience efficiency and well doing of Dana. ReloCare helped us in all the aspects concerning our new life. You can not imagine how hard can be some common things abroad until you are there. Finding the best apartment, negotiating with the owner, managing contracts with bank or Internet/TV, health services... Everything was done by ReloCare. If you are moving to Prague, call Dana and just enjoy your stay.

Ignasi Alvarez, July 2015

At the beginning of 2015, I accepted a new company assignment, which included a relocation from Belgium to the Czech Republic. Due to my busy agenda I did not want to lose a lot of time on all the administration & logistics aspects that need to be managed when relocating to another country. But thanks to the very professional support, dedication & experience of ReloCare and Dana, my transition went very smoothly and in the most efficient way. They were a fantastic support in different areas: finding an apartment, that met all my requirements, negotiation with a landlord, translation, signing the lease contract, contacts with internet/TV providers, and administrative paperwork with local authorities. Excellent customer service, so I definitely would recommend ReloCare to anyone needing relocation support!

Erwin Coppye, March 2015

ReloCare was very helpful to us. After several visits, we found the perfect flat for our little family. However ReloCare not only found us the best accommodation possible, they also helped us to introduce ourselves to the Czech culture and help us to take the first steps in this beautiful country. 100% recommended.

Laura, Xispa and Alberto, March 2015

ReloCare has done an excellent job supporting on the relocation of 12 expats from Belgium, Ireland, UK and US. Dana, the Managing Director, is always involved. She is customer driven and understands very well the complexities of relocating to CZ. She is diligent and very well connected with all major state agents. She can navigate trough the legal & institutional system in CZ. I would definitely recommends ReloCare to anyone in need for relocation support.

Jose Cuadrado, March 2014

Dana was very helpful in my search for a home. We made several visits together and finally i found out a very nice place to live in Prague 5. She supported me as well for the papers and everything went smooth. She was also very helpful in giving tips and details information about Prague. Highly recommended!!

Frederic Gige, March 2014

Dana was very kind in our search for a home, and she was also very helpful in giving us tips and other information about Prague. Since she is not commited to list of properties, she can work with any realtor and that opens your home search further. Highly recommendable.

Carlos Navarro, November 2013

I honestly would not know what to do without ReloCare. I moved to Prague while 6 months pregnant and Dana and her staff helped out with sorting my Medical, Insurance, Doctor, finding a place to rent and above all they ensure that our move went smoothly. I highly recommend Relocare and guarantee you will not be disappointed. I continue to use them for any questions or assistance that I need, they are extremely prompt in getting back to me and provide a first class service.

Jenny, 2009

I recently moved from Hong Kong to position in Czech Republic for a new position with a new company. As I began to research the details of relocation, visas and the paperwork required by the Czech government, Schengen regulations, Czech national bank, Czech Foreign Police, etc, I was totally confused and overwhelmed. Fortunately, I found ReloCare. Dana Pick and Anna Janoušková coordinated all the details and guided me through the maze of forms, details, processes, etc. ReloCare is a top notch professional organzation that I recommend to any person moving to Czech Republic.

Andy Cohen, 2011

I contacted Dana for help with my Visa. After being back and forth to the CZ over the years I've worked with several different companies and wasted thousands of dollars on lawyers trying to sort out a long term visa. I contacted Dana because I saw her helpful advice on different posts regarding relocation on the expat forums. I figured if she was so willing to be helpful on the forums, then she probably has a high level of customer service and luckily I wasn't wrong. Dana had a Visa specialist on her team work for me and it was great. She really kept on top of all the rules and changes, she led me through all the paperwork. When I got my visa and had to register it, I only had 3 days to register it at the foreign police but it was right before christmas and the place was packed and somehow she got me in to get stamped, I would NEVER been able to do that with out her. Her prices are totally transparent, no hidden costs, and VERY reasonable on the market, especially considering the high level of care. I would recommend Relocare without any reservations!

Belinda Filippelli, April 2011

Trying to get an apartment in Prague just for a six months’ time, I can tell you that is not an easy task. You would probably get crazy and you will have to pay a lot of extras. But I was so lucky to find Relocare website before getting crazy. Thanks to Dana Pick it was possible. After a few but really efficient messages, I had to move to Prague in order to have a look at some apartments. She picked me up from the train station; we visited around 8 apartments, returning me back to the station. Let me clarify that she didn’t reclaim anything for the whole and perfect scheduled service. During the signature with the owner, she was taking care of all details and because she already knew that I was looking for a place for less than a year (minimum time to rent an apartment), she was working on that way. She knows perfectly all local regulations and laws, quite important in my personal opinion. Translating the rental contract into English was one of the other services, already included within the service. Finally, it was a surprise when I received the invoice. It was the first time that I have paid less for that kind of service and it was also the first time that I felt completely secure that no new “surprises” will suddenly appear. So, in case you are looking for an accommodation in Prague I really recommend Relocare.

Andreu Cardús Flaqué, September 2013


Dana PickI know what it is like to be an expat in Prague and need support, because I’ve been there! After going through my own trials and tribulations of moving here, starting a business, and raising a family; I started ReloCare. I’m committed to help you to enjoy your life in this beautiful city.

That’s why you can be sure that your problems, concerns, and needs will be given the care and attention you deserve!

Me and my team are not just committed to solving the practicalities of relocation, but much more. You can rely on our continued assistance for settling in, negotiating the language barrier, making life manageable. Even once you are already settled in Prague, things come up where you need support such as pregnancy, visa extension and foreign police notification as your family status or change of address, health issues, getting a drivers license, finding new and better home, etc. Curious what we are able to do for you? See the list of our services and if you don’t find what you need, feel free to contact us with your specific request.

My roles as an expat mother of two, wife, and businesswoman helped me to relate to different needs that people might have during relocation process or afterwards. I have been living in Prague since 1999 and I will make sure that your relocation is as smooth as possible. We are called ReloCare because we truly care about our clients. We offer more than just a list of services, but a supportive relationship with people you can trust!

Yours sincerely,

Dana Pick

Frequently Asked Questions

Relocation is a complex topic and you ask about lots of different areas regarding life in Prague. For that exact reason we have set up our FAQ forum.

Ask us anything you need to know. We will get back to you.

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ReloCare is not just a one-woman show. Along with Dana, there are qualified specialists who are going to help you with your relocation needs.

Managing Director:
Dana Pick
Mob.: +420 602 101 031
Relocation Specialist:
Maria Svetkina
Languages: English, Russian, Czech
Hanna Vrubleuskaya
Languages: English, Russian, Czech
Immigration Experts:
Dagmar Hergottova
Languages: Czech, English, Russian, Italian
Office Administrator:
Language: Czech, English
Office contact:
Business Centrum Klamovka – Plzeňská 113
150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic
IČ: 28393996 DIČ: CZ28393996
Tel.: +420 251 552 255
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